Grayback Base Meeting Calender for 2013

DATE                             LOCATION

Jan.  13                            The Brickery

Feb.   10                          The Brickery

March   10                    The Brickery

April    13                        Veteran’s Museum,  Lawrenceville

May    12                         The Brickery

June   9                           The Oyster Barn

July   13                          Lake Altoona

August  11                      The Brickery

September  8             The Oyster Barn

October  13                   The Brickery

November 10             Vet’s Day Atlanta’s Parade

December 8               Officers Meeting   Oyster Barn

Meeting  start times are at 1300    Meet and Greet and Officers Prep

Base meeting commence at 1330 unless otherwise noted.

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